All Because You Matter by Tami Charles; illustrated by Caldecott Honor Winner, Bryan Collier
Picture Book – Suggested Grades K – 3

If you want to help your students feel welcome, safe, and comfortable, read this book to them. Linger on the pages so they can admire the striking art work in all its detail. Fill your voice with love as you read the powerful text such as; “Did you know that you were born from queens, chiefs, legends? Did you know that you are the earth? That strength, power, and beauty lie within you?” 

Suggestions for in-class activities:
Make sure to include the author and illustrator notes which bring a richer understanding of their motivations and personal stories interwoven in the text and pictures.   

Question listeners about the author’s purpose in writing this book. Can they “feel” the emotions tucked into the words? Can they identify who’s saying them? 

Discuss respectful behavior and acts of kindness.  Make a chart of these. Talk about the classroom/school as a welcoming place – what makes it so for everyone, no matter their race or ethnicity? 

Discussion questions:
Ask students to think about those in their family that “came before.” Have they received any guidance or advice from older relatives?   

What about instances of bullying, name-calling, or being excluded? Discuss feelings, behaviors, and coping strategies. Record a list of strategies. Display it for reference.  

For older students, talk about the “Black Lives Matter” movement and historical peaceful demonstrations led by Martin Luther King and other dignitaries. This may be a good time to call attention to significant dates in Black History

Comments by Virginia Lopez, retired educator 

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